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Welcome to the Emergency Call Project

This project is about next generation VoIP-based emergency calling. On this web page you can find the prototypes and tools related to SIP-based emergency calling, location configuration, location determination and location conveyance as well as example configurations and useful information.

Download of latest version

01.04.2011: (ZIP File, 9 MB) Attention Windows7 users: Zap only works in XP mode! small bugfix for handling multipart SIP body boundaries when given in quotes


If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact Karl Heinz Wolf: karlheinz.wolf @

Zap - emergency calling SIP client

This project extends the Mozilla SIP Client Zap! to support major parts of the Emergency Call Framework (currently under development by the IETF

Zap is licensed under Mozilla Public License:, the original developer is Alex Fritze.



Manual (PDF, 700 kB)

ECRITDHCP XPCOM (PDF, 11 kB) read this document if you want to use DHCP location configuration with Linux!

Zap Emergency Call

Old Downloads

for Windows7 Users: Zap does only work in XP Mode!

zap05 (22.10.2009):

  • Location Configuration with Google Location Service possible. Enable this method of location configuration via the configuration page. Make sure that you accept Google's Terms and Conditions and limitations for this service. Note that data is sent to Google for the purpose of location configuration. Information on Google's Geolocation API is available at GeolocationAPI.

Windows (24.11.2010): (ZIP File, 9 MB) Windows: (ZIP File, 9 MB) Linux:

zap04 (24.03.2009):

  • All geodetic-2d shapes now supported for LoST.

Windows: (ZIP File, 9 MB) Linux:

zap03 (27.01.2009):

  • Location by Reference is now supported (when the location response from the Location Information Server contains a locationURISet, the first URI will be conveyed in a Geolocation header. If a locationURI was received, the Emergency Services Status window will show the URI. For inbound calls with Location by Reference only, Zap will try to dereference the URI and get location information.)

Windows: (ZIP File, 9 MB) Linux:

zap02 (14.11.2008):

just minor corrections:

  • Content-ID header of multipart message: angel brackets corrected (RFC 2392)
  • GML default namespace is set to (zap01 uses urn:opengis:specification:gml:schema-xsd:feature:v3.0 because this one is used by some servers)
  • some minor corrections to the user interface.

Windows: (ZIP File, 9 MB)

Linux: zaplinux02.tar.gz (ZIP File, 12 MB)


Besides some bug fixes and improvements, there are the following new features:

  • GPS Location Determination (with GPS device supporting NMEA attached to serial port)
  • user choice for location convayance for non-emergency calls

Note: if you are upgrading from an older version of Zap!, you may need to delete the files compreg.dat and xpti.dat from the Zap profile folder!

Windows: (ZIP File, 9 MB)

Linux: (ZIP File, 12 MB)

Old Version:

Old Windows Version: (ZIP File, 9 MB)

Old Linux Version: (ZIP File, 12 MB)

openLLDP Patch






Location Services @ IETF72 Code Sprint:

Emergency Services Workshop:

Handbuch Notruf: (German)

VoIP Emergency Calling Book Homepage:

Other Tools

LLDP-MED MIB: lldp-med-mib.txt